First Family Meeting

First Family Meeting

Posted by: Sarah Saturday
Location: Whitehardt Studios

This afternoon was our first “family meeting” for everyone who is involved so far: Jennifer (producer), Dycee (director, part three), and Jonathan (director, part two). My friend and amazing local photographer Danielle Shields came by to capture the meeting (see: gallery).

We talked about the treatments and timelines for both of Dycee’s and Jonathan’s films, and started brainstorming ways to tie them together while keeping them unique and different. There is so much to consider when materializing ideas for a movie — the characters, the story, the technical side of things, the crew, the schedule… And I thought planning to record an album was a lot of work!

All we need is our third director… Luckily I’ve got some great recommendations!

*Check out all the photos from the first Family Meeting in the Gallery! Photos by Danielle Shields.


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