Meeting Dycee Wildman

Posted by: Sarah Saturday
Location: Holland House

Today I met with Dycee Wildman, who was recommended to me by someone who saw my post seeking local filmmakers for an album/film collaboration. Dycee has been part of the independent filmmaker community in Nashville for years, and started the “Salute Your Shorts” short film night at Stone Fox, as well as the “Grassy Knoll Movie Nights” summer outdoor film series.

We met at Holland House in East Nashville and had a great conversation filled with ideas and brainstorms! I’m pretty sure we became insta-friends. She is totally on-board to direct one of the three short films for the album, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I’ve had the idea to create a long-form visual accompaniment of some sort, for one of my albums, for as far back as I can remember. I was certainly daydreaming about it when I started G,NA — but I may have had rumblings of the idea back in my old band. The idea has been with me for so long that it feels like an old friend — who, until now, was only imaginary.

Seek and ye shall find!

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