Meeting Jennifer Bonior

Meeting Jennifer Bonior

Posted by: Sarah Saturday
Location: Tavern

Dycee and I have been going back and forth on email since our meeting. She brought up the idea of bringing on a producer to handle the logistics for the overall film, since the directors would each be focused on their part, and since I have no idea how to produce a film (my words, not Dycee’s). What an exciting thought: working with a film producer!

(Side note: Dycee has also decided that she wants to direct “part three” of the Fossils film — the last three songs: Let It Be Gone, Fossils, and Didn’t Know Love. She already has her synopsis — and it’s beautiful! Now I just need directors for the first and second parts of the album.)

So tonight I met with Dycee and Jennifer Bonior at Tavern in Midtown. Jennifer is young, smart, and has already accomplished so much in her career, including directing an award-winning short film, “Embalmer’s Grey,” and being part of Untrademarked Productions. We all had a great conversation, and ended up discussing having Jennifer come on as the second director, instead of (or in addition to?) having her on as the producer.

I just love how many options there always are at the start of a project like this. Who knows how it will unfold?!

  • Marilyn

    Looking forward to this ground breaking new project. Watch out Nashville it is coming your way!

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