Meeting Motke Dapp

Meeting Motke Dapp

Posted by: Sarah Saturday
Location: The Post

The search for the third director (for “part one” — the first three songs on the album) has been going for a while. Today I may have found the missing piece to the puzzle, in Motke Dapp!

Motke was recommended by Jennifer, who produced an award-winning short film he directed called “Contrary to Likeness.” He is a graphic designer by trade, which brings me back to my days of running a website development company where I got to work with graphic designers and programmers all day every day. (My people!) His having the mind (and eye) of a graphic designer definitely lends itself to stylized films — which, I could tell from his website and reel, would be the case. I’m excited by the idea of having three very different visual approaches for these three parts of the film/album.


We met at The Post in East Nashville and ended up talking for nearly two hours! We bonded over “Stranger Than Fiction” — possibly my #1 favorite movie of all time — and indie bands from the 90s. Motke had a lot of great questions about the overall concept for the Fossils film… how will it all tie together, if it should? How could we creatively tell a story without making it one straight narrative? We left with the intention for Motke to attend our next family meeting in a couple weeks, to give him time to think things over before he commits.

There is so much to learn, and I am so grateful for the chance to watch the making of a film through the eyes of all these talented people!

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