Online World Premiere July 10th

Online World Premiere July 10th

The one-year anniversary of the release of the album is July 10th. What better way to celebrate than with the world premiere of the film, free for all to see? Join Sarah Saturday and Dycee Wildman for a live Q&A at 6 PM (central time), followed by a live stream of the “Fossils” film. Pop some popcorn, curl up on your couch, and tune in for this one-time YouTube Live event on

6 PM CST – Live Q&A (leave your questions now*)
7 PM CST – Premiere of “Fossils”

*Visit the YouTube Live page now to leave your questions for the Q&A:

*OR leave your Q in a comment below

Watch the trailer and pre-order the film at (available to buy or rent July 10th).

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