Recording, Day Eight

Recording, Day Eight

The eighth and final day of tracking for the third G,NA album… “Fossils.” I started tracking this album on the first autumn-like day of 2014, and I am finishing tracking on the first spring-like day of 2015. How fitting!

Today has been a breeze. I must still be warmed up from yesterday. That negative voice hasn’t come up once today, and my new positive voice (which really is just me, actually being nice to myself instead of beating myself up) is cheering me on.

Today I also invited the directors and the producer to stop by and hear the studio versions of the songs (which, until now, they’ve only heard in demo form). Motke and Jennifer were the only two available, so they came by to listen through everything so far. It’s funny to show someone an unfinished piece of work, and realize that there’s no way they can see or hear in their heads the way the final piece is going to turn out!

After the visit we finished tracking vocals on the rest of the songs, and were done in time for dinner. And now, we are winding down, backing things up, talking about next steps for mixing the album — and I’m only 10 minutes away from my house (and my dog). What an incredibly different studio experience this has been for me! It’s like I finally figured out what I want out of this process… and the universe provided me with the place and the people to make it happen.

Going home feeling grateful — and ready to dive head-first into this whole “making a movie” thing.


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