Recording, Day Five

Recording, Day Five

Posted by: Sarah Saturday
Location: Big Light Studio

Aaaaah… finally… back in the studio. We have reached the final stretch of recording: lots to do and only four more days in the studio to do it all. Today and tomorrow will be about finishing all the instrumentation: drums, synth, and guitar. Jackson, who joined the live G,NA band in October 2013, will be in the studio to track some guitar options for a couple of songs. And of course Bryan will be back to finish all the drums. Fun fact: we won’t end up doing any in-computer drum programming for this album. Every percussion instrument you hear is Bryan actually playing the beat, or us making weird sounds in the studio and Logan chopping them up to make percussion sounds.

Today we got to bust out a bunch of synths and got real crazy on “Exterior” — by far the weirdest song on the album.

Sci-fi sound effects! #AkaiAX60 #gardeningnotarchitecture #GNALP3 #FossilsFilm

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