Recording, Day One

Posted by: Sarah Saturday
Location: Big Light Studio

It was the first cold, truly autumn-like day of the season. We started with the first song I wrote for this album, on New Year’s Eve two years ago, called “Hunting.” Bryan was on hand to lay down the drum parts, which we did mostly on a real kit, adding a few additional parts using 808 and 909 drum machines. Bryan’s such a solid drummer that it didn’t take very long to get the parts down. It also helps that Logan is a drummer (and a great one at that; check out his band Roman Candle), and he and Bryan can talk drummer-talk while I try to explain my ideas using my hands and my sad excuse for a drummer vocab (“you know, like dun dun DUN”). I have such a deeply-rooted love for the drums — probably because I’m primarily a bassist, and the drums are my counterpart in the rhythm section. It feels very safe being in the studio with two knowledgeable drummers. I am in good hands!

After drums, I laid down the bass line for “Hunting,” which I wrote on my Casio DM-100 — a little gem I found on Craigslist this past summer. We got a great sound off that thing in the studio, and if I have my way, I’m going to make sure it’s on every single song on the album.

When I wrote this song nearly two years ago (on New Year’s Eve), I was borrowing my friend’s microKORG. I somehow found this really great sound, and made sure to record a decent-quality track, knowing that in the end I might not (a) be able to recreate the sound in the studio, and/or (b) remember how to play the part. Good thinking, Past Self! We ended up using the original track, which feels like burying a time capsule in the album, to me. It goes along with the album’s motif and title, too.


We spent the rest of the first day in the studio just talking about “Hunting,” which involved me jumping up randomly saying things like, “I have an idea for a piano line!” or Logan suggesting adding effects and delays to different instruments and parts, or Bryan suggesting we add a shaker part. (Shakers always make everything better, by the way.) We left for the day with only a few things left to track for this song. And… we’re off!

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