Recording, Day Two

Posted by: Sarah Saturday
Location: Big Light Studio

The second day started off with breakfast burritos and coffee, which is always a good sign. We got right back into drums for two more songs, both on the full kit, but with a few changes like different snares and cymbals. One of the songs has a dance-y beat that required a tighter, cleaner sound — almost electronic — and the other song has more of a room-y drum sound with lots of cymbals.

Needless to say, Logan did a lot of moving of mics and setting levels. He even recorded the drums through a few totally weird set-ups (which shall remain a secret for now), which is going to give us lots of options during mixing. Can I just say, again, how safe I feel in the hands of two great drummers in a recording studio?

Next it was my turn. I tracked bass for both songs on a beautiful ’92 American Fender Jazz bass, then guitar for one of the songs on a 1959 Silvertone hollow body — both Logan’s. After that it was keyboard time again, for both songs. I opted to go with some really high-quality samples that Logan had, for the Rhodes parts. I could have spent some time finding another sound on one of the instruments in the studio, but I knew what I wanted and it saved us a lot of time just doing it this way. I busted out the DM-100 again for the other parts.

All that was left at the end of the second day for all three songs was real piano, which I am going to record after the piano gets tuned, and vocals. Not bad! I probably won’t get back into the studio until the middle of November. Until then… my idea of heaven:

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