Second Family Meeting

Second Family Meeting

Tonight was our second “family” production meeting. This was our chance to meet with Motke as a group and discuss everything, to brainstorm as a group for the overall film, to update the timeline, and just hang out as a group for the first time. We still didn’t have a final yes/no from Motke, but about halfway through the conversation he announced that he was in. What an exciting moment! (I knew we’d woo him… it’s too great a group of people to say no to.) We also had a couple of other “a ha” moments as a group tonight, including one moment where Dycee, Jennifer, and I all had the same idea at the same second about Dycee’s part of the film — something that is going to make the story in her piece take on a whole new meaning.

Needless to say, we all left feeling energized and excited. There is truly nothing like working on a group project where everyone is excited, on the same page, and wanting to help each other succeed. It’s one of my favorite human experiences!

So there we have it: three directors, one film.

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